Techniques to playing third base

When I was young, I did not join the baseball club or softball club. But when I played softball, I always played third base and occasionally played shortstop.

Remembering the old days, let me disclose some techniques used to playing third base.

It is no different from playing catch when a pop-up comes to third, but you need some techniques in case of a grounder.

[Technique 1]

When the ball is bouncing several times, you need to time the bounce and move to the ball. You need to guess the bounce in no time and, by moving back-and-forth, try to catch the ball when the ball starts to fall.

[Technique 2]

It is called a short hop when the ball bounces right in front of you. The technique and logic of catching a short hop are inexplicable. You just have to learn the hard way.

[Technique 3]

You are lagging behind if you make your move after the ball comes your way. That will only narrow down your range of defense.
It is hard to guess whether the ball goes up or down but you can somehow guess if the ball goes either right or left. This judgment should be made right at the time the batter brings the bat down. Actually, you need to learn this the hard way as well.

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