Left-handedness is the best bet

I bet most of you are right-handed.
Try using your left hand for doing things that are usually done by your right hand.
Believe it or not, it will activate your right hemisphere.

I, of course, am a right-hander.
During my junior high school days I was involved in a traffic accident.
I was in a coma for a week or two, followed by a wheelchair-bound period, and, finally, I was able to get on my own feet but, because I hurt my right shoulder, I couldn't bring my right arm higher than the right shoulder.
A month later, I was treated at home for about two weeks. Since I had nothing to do, I made a paper ball and I fought the tedium by throwing it with my left hand.
That was when I learned the fun of taking up sports left-handed.
I think it took me four months to have things get back on track.

My pre-accident school records were slightly above average and college education was unthinkable. I was hoping to go to industrial high school.
However, after the accident, I was much better off academically and had advanced to a good secondary school and got through a university entrance exam at one blow.

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