name Keiichi Suzuki
handle name 009 (comes from a memory of a comic "Cyborg 009" in my youth)
date of birth September 13, 1957
gender male
address Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
my families grand-mother, wife and two children
personal appearance People say that I am look like a singer Kosetsu Minami.
character I have nothing to be proud of.
If having something, I would have to become a school-teacher.
educational history Hirano primary school.
Hirano junior high school.
Nagai High School.
Mathematics Faculty, Science Department of Niigata University.
professional history one job change
history of penalty none
history of traffic accident once as an injured party, none as an assaulter
marriage history once
separation history none
inconstancy history none
drinking declining
outline of professional I work for a certain manufacturer as a system engineer and all-round man,
also have systemized/programmed what I had planned for myself.
I have been using COBOL for 14 years, then mastered VB4.
And the systems I have created are for personnel affairs/compensation, finance, account payable/receivable,
bills payable, capital assets, manufacturing management, cost accounting and etcs.

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