Stations on Flower Nagai Line

Akayu station
A train has pulled out.

Nanyo-siyakusyo station

Miyauti station

Orihata station

Ringo station

Nisi-ootuka station

Imaizumi station

Tokiniwa station

Minami-nagai station
Nagai High School is the high school I went to.
Although I did not use the train to go to this school, there was an interesting episode.
The students could still catch the train even if it was arriving at the station just as the students were walking out of the school gate. If the students thought they were going to miss the train, they could yell "Wait!" and run and the train would wait for them.
The next station is Nagai Station, which is only 2 to 3 km away. People waiting at Minaminagai Station can see when a train arrives at Nagai Station.

Nagai station

Ayame-koen station

Uzen-narita station

Sirousagi station

Koguwa station

Ayukai station

Siki-no-sato station

Arato station

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