October 1999

Relation between me and mathematics

I graduated from the mathematics department of the university.

I started thinking about its application since May 1998 when I came across the integral relation. Because there have passed 20 years from my graduation, I have began with reading at random my old mathematics books. There has been such a long time since I saw mathematics last that it is very difficult only to call it to mind. However, my reading is rather easy because I skim over something unrelated and have no need to achieve a complete mastery of proof of theorem or to fulfill my assigned task unlike students present in the mathematics department. Further, I have to find out such applications as have never be seen in any book and am not sure of getting some achievement, so I feel really easy.

Soon after my graduation, I didn't leave my books of mathematics, but dropped all my notebooks into the discard expecting that I would never study mathematics. There is no use crying over spilled milk! So, I asked my university friends to lend me necessary notebooks and copied them. I am ashamed of myself.

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