Making things based on transistors was one of my hobbies when I was a high school kid. "Making Radios" and "Transistor Technology" were my favorite books. When taking a look at the present issue of "Transistor Technology", it becomes quite obvious that IC and digital technologies are today's predominating technologies but, in the old days, circuits using transistors, resistors and capacitors for products such as amplifiers for stereo and high-frequency circuits were mainly featured. If I am not mistaken, the circuit diagram of microcomputer was featured when I was a high school junior. It was a simple machine without any LEDs and it only had a few ON/OFF switches and lamps but I certainly wanted to build the machine.

Leaving that aside, because Flash Memory is receiving attention these days, kindly allows me to explain the fundamental principles of semiconductor, transistor and all the way to flash memory. Please forgive me for any mistakes I may make due to the lack of professional education.

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