Programming (Table handling)

Technique means Gauss symbol [x] (the greatest integer that is not greater than X) that would be studied around in the first year of senior high school. In the everyday world, however, people simply say "cut down decimals" instead of "Gauss symbol".

I am going to explain using examples.
Suppose there are 15 data which are independently stored in A(0), A(A),--,A(14). Now you have to convert them to two-dimensional table, then:
Put an area of these 15 data converted:
When inputting data to two-dimensional table, you may create the program:
T(0,0) = A(0)
T(0,1) = A(1)
T(0,2) = A(2)
T(4,2) = A(14)
Yet, this program is not practical. We usually use index operation.

For I = 0 To 14
    J = Int(I/3)   -----------decimal part I/3 rounded down; as a result, quotient is solved.
    K = I - Int(I/3) * 3 -----residual upon being divided by 3 is solved.
    T(J,K) = A(I)
    Next I
[My little advice]

A function for rounding up decimals is -[-X].

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